The Team

Meet our team at Big Island Lowlines! We are all working enthusiastically to continue promoting Lowline cattle and to continue adding top quality animals to our operation.

gotaasDarrell and Barbara Gotaas

Darrell and Barbara Gotaas, owners and operators of Big Island Lowlines, have been involved with Lowline cattle since 1999. It is with desire to help this breed achieve the success that it achieved in Australia and the United States, that they have grown their herd to be one of the largest registered fullblood and percentage Lowline cattle operations in Canada. Darrell has been a member of the Board since 2006 and served as President from 2006 through 2014.


Paul & Arlene Gotaas

Paul Gotaas comes from a rural background, having grown up in Camrose, Alberta. Though currently living in Edmonton, he and his wife Arlene, have maintained horses and cattle at their farm in Hay Lakes, Alberta, for decades. Paul was the catalyst in the beginnings of Big Island Lowlines as he became convinced, after doing extensive research, that Lowline cattle have advantages to provide the commercial cattleman, the small acreage farmer, and the modern day consumer desiring smaller cuts of tender and tasty beef. Paul has extensive knowledge of the history of the breed and of Lowline pedigrees. He is a firm believer in the future of these cattle in Canada. Paul began a crossbreeding program in 2005. He owns a number of Galloway-Lowline and Angus-Lowline cross animals.


Murray Skippen

MurraySkippenMurray is an invaluable part of the Big Island Lowlines team. Murray was raised on a purebred Limo and Blonde d’ Aquitaine farm. He continues to work for Canada’s largest embryo transfer company, Emtech Genetics as an embryo technician. He has shown several breeds of cattle across Canada and the U.S. for over 25 years. Murray has housed and shown Big Island Lowline cattle since 2003. Murray would be happy to help any new Big Island Lowline customers with after sales service and information needed.



Our Program

Big Island Lowlines is a family operated farm with Lowline cattle located in the west end of Edmonton, Alberta, and in a second location just east of Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Big Island Lowlines became involved with Lowline cattle in 1999 with the purchase of 4 fullblood heifers and 20 Australian embryos. Our embryos calved out in the fall of 2000, and along with our original live animals, formed the foundation of our present fullblood herd. We continually add outcross bulls to our genetic pool.

Big Island Lowlines introduced the first recognized red carrier fullblood bull and female to Canada with the birth of wild red gene carriers Alta Magnum and Alta Abigail, an ET bull calf and an AI produced heifer calf born in 2008 sired by two different bulls, Bluey and Awesome Red, respectively.

A year later, Lazy G. Red Skye was imported and was the first red fullblood Lowline bull in Canada. Since then Big Island Lowlines has added the true red gene through the use of Alm Bess genetics. The red bull Alta Legend and the true red gene carrier black bull Demolition were born in 2010 and 2011 respectively. They were sold and have been used successfully in breeding programs in North and South America, and also in Australia.

Big Island began showing Lowline cattle in 2003 at Edmonton’s Farmfair International Multibreed livestock show. They have participated in sales and shows throughout Alberta at St. Paul, Drayton Valley, Camrose Canadian Bull Congress, Calgary Stampede along with Farmfair. The first National Lowline Show was held at Farmfair International in November 2007 and in 2015, Farmfair International will host the 9th National Lowline Show. Big Island Lowlines are also regularly represented at the Interprovincial show in Armstrong, BC, Western National Show in Denver, CO, and at the International Livestock Show in Houston, TX. Big Island has produced Canadian Male and Female Grand Champions and also a Grand Champion Bull at the Houston International Lowline Show. Big Island animals have also topped a number of sales in prices paid.

Locations of some known owners of Big Island bred cattle or their progeny extend from Vancouver Island on the west coast of BC to Prince Edward Island in the Maritimes. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick are where the remaining owners of at least 40 plus in Canada reside. At least 20 lowline breeder’s herds in the United States include Big Island genetics.

Other international destinations include breeders in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Continental Europe, Panama and Columbia.

Big Island has also been actively involved in cross breeding with the Angus, Galloway, Red Poll and Speckle Park breeds and we continue to sell fullblood and percentage bulls to commercial cattlemen looking for a 1200-1400 pound cow and for easy calving on their heifers.

Big Island has always focused on raising sound, easy keeping, high yielding, grass fed cattle.